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The Ergoline Soltron 50 gives you all the party power you need. With three 400W facial tanners and 38 high-tech lamps - 22 lamps with up to 160W in the canopy and 16 two-metre lamps at up to 180W in the base. Very efficient high-pressure lamps at 400W each to the face in innovative Ultra Performance PLUS technology (including two 8W low-pressure UV-B lamps) for tanning power to the new standard using all that the lamps have to give. Air Condition breathes a cooling breeze to the skin. Optional Power Sound System with SD card slot, MP3-Dock and Subwoofer pumps out that perfect sound.

The Sunrise 420's Turbo Power, 2-meter tall, 200-watt tanning lamps provide a deep all-over tan that is achieved in a quick tanning session. For music enjoyment, Stereo Sound is included. Also available is a 3D-Sound system with MP3 dock-in and SD card slot. Members can listen to their own mix of music through this acoustically incredible system while maintaining a comfortable body temperature… thanks to the Sunrise series’ Silent Cooling system. This system bathes the entire body in a pleasant flow of refreshingly cool air, yet is whisper quiet.